Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin

Great Russian poet and playwright

"Better the illusions that exalt us than ten thousand truths"

Friendship for Pushkin

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin has always been in awe of friendly relations. Pushkin’s friends were one of the important components of life for the writer.

The list of people close to him included I. I. Pushchin, A. A. Delvig, V. K. Kuchelbecker, I. V. Malinovsky, P. Ya. Chaadaev, P. A. Vyazemsky. Let’s briefly consider A. S. Pushkin’s friendship with each of them.

A. S. Pushkin met I. I. Pushchin at the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. They were neighbors, so they became friends very quickly. I. I. Pushchin became the very first friend for the great writer, so for A. S. Pushkin these relationships were very important. Alexander Sergeevich dedicated the following poems to I. I. Pushchin: “To Pushchin”, “To Pushchin’s album”, “Memories”, “My first friend, my priceless friend”. Dedicated to I. I. Pushchin and the poem “October 19”, which is addressed to other lyceum friends of Pushkin.

A. S. Pushkin and A. A. Delvig were united by a passionate love for creativity. Both poets began publishing in the same year. Despite the fact that many laughed at the works of A. A. Delvig, A. S. Pushkin immediately noted his talent. The message about the death of a friend influenced A. S. Pushkin, he noted with regret that their lyceum ranks began to thin out. A. A. Delvig A. S. Pushkin dedicated many poems to A. A. Delvig: “Blessed is he who saw before him from a young age”, “Accept this skull, Delvig”, “The more often the Lyceum celebrates”, “To the artist” and others.

Pushkin had a difficult relationship with V. K. Kyukhelbeker. In the biography of the great poet and writer, it is noted that a quarrel broke out between fellow students and friends because of an epigram by A. S. Pushkin dedicated to Kukhla (this is how friends called V. K. Kukhelbecker among themselves), as a result of which lyceum students participated in a duel. Like I. I. Pushchin, V. K. Kyukhelbeker, A. S. Pushkin dedicated many of his poems, some of which are ironic: “The Misfortune of Clete”, “To a friend of the poet”, “Separation”, “Epigram on the death of the poet”, “Feasting students”.

Information about the friendship of A. S. Pushkin with I. V. Malinovsky is often omitted, but the relationship between the famous writer and the son of the first director of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum can be called a real friendship. A. S. Pushkin addressed his friend in the poems “Feasting Students”, “October 19”.

Before his death, A. S. Pushkin confessed: “Why aren’t Pushchin and Malinovsky around me. It would be easier for me to die.”

During A. S. Pushkin’s studies at the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, the writer managed to meet and then make friends with P. Ya. Chaadaev, who was older than A. S. Pushkin. The friendship between them was built on constant conversations, literary and philosophical arguments. P. Ya. Chaadaev had a great influence on the worldview of A. S. Pushkin, who dedicated many poems to his friend: “To Chaadaev”, “To the portrait of Chaadaev”, “Why cold doubts”, “In a country where I forgot the worries of the past years”.

While at the lyceum, A. S. Pushkin also makes acquaintance with P. A. Vyazemsky. A. S. Pushkin highly appreciated the talent of his friend: he quoted him in his works, put lines from his poems in epigraphs, the image of P. A. Vyazemsky was placed by A. S. Pushkin in the novel “Eugene Onegin”, the writer dedicated many poems to him: “A sarcastic poet, an intricate wit”, “A satirist and a poet of love”, “Amiable Vyazemsky, a poet and a chamberlain” and others.