Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin

Great Russian poet and playwright

"Better the illusions that exalt us than ten thousand truths"

What kind of links did the authorities send Alexander Pushkin to?

Alexander Pushkin had four children, although tragically only two of them survived to adulthood.

Pushkin’s first child, a daughter named Maria, was born in 1832. She died only two months later, likely from pneumonia. Pushkin was devastated by her death, and it is said to have had a profound impact on his later writing.

Pushkin’s second child, another daughter named Alexandra, was born in 1833. She survived to adulthood and went on to marry a prominent Russian diplomat, but she died childless in 1913.

Pushkin’s third child, a son named Grigory, was born in 1835 but died just a few months later from an illness.

Finally, Pushkin’s fourth child, a son named Lev, was born in 1837, just a few months before Pushkin’s death. Lev survived to adulthood and went on to become a well-known literary critic and translator.

Thus, while Pushkin had four children, only two of them survived to adulthood, and none of them had any children of their own.