Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin

Great Russian poet and playwright

"Better the illusions that exalt us than ten thousand truths"

The meaning of Pushkin’s poem “I loved you”

History tells us that the poem was written around 1829. The famous Russian poet dedicated it to his beloved – Countess de Langeron, Anna Alexeyevna Olenina, with whom he had relations throughout 1828-1829 years.

She Pushkin has also devoted many other poems – “Do not sing, my beauty, with me,” “Her eyes” and others. His feelings for the Countess de Langeron occupied a certain period of Alexander Sergeyevich, so she as a woman was worthy of being devoted to her poems and sang serenades.

The poem “I loved you” was published already in the 30s, it was on the lists of poems to be printed.

Reading the poem, the reader can assume that it was written at a time when the poet’s feelings for his beloved, most likely, were on the decline. The lyrical hero indicates that he loved a woman (there is no direct reference to the Countess, but knowing the biography of the writer and poet, we can assume that it was indeed Anna). Now his feelings have subsided a little, but have not died out completely. The lyrical hero wishes that his faintly living love would no longer bother his former lover and cause her sorrow and grief.

He goes on to talk about how strong his love for that woman was-he was ready to give her his whole soul. Sometimes he was too shy, sometimes he was jealous of other men, but he loved her very tenderly and truly. He admits this, and wishes that in the future she will be as loved by the man she meets along the way.

The writer behaves extremely wisely-he simply and easily confesses his feelings and just as easily lets the woman he loves go. Readers should learn from the lyrical hero how to break up with someone for whom they no longer feel anything.

In today’s world, few people are able to end a relationship this way. It can be silent silence, not answering calls and messages, avoiding meetings, cheating. Only a few people dare to speak frankly, but honestly, all that boiled over and what caused the breakup. Even fewer people are able to wish their former lover to meet a worthy partner who will consider the inner world and love more and stronger. Modern society is very indifferent to people’s feelings, believing that shedding tears over the parting with the other half is a waste of time, effort and generally pointless activity. It is important to do something, and then everything will pass.

The writer was notoriously fond of having affairs with women, so one might slightly doubt the sincerity of what he wrote. We certainly cannot be sure of the sincerity of his feelings just as we cannot deny it. Throughout one’s life one is in search of the person with whom one can live out one’s life. You have to know many people before you meet someone to whom you can open your soul wide.